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Polydioxanone PDO (PUB009 R07)
• Polydioxanone PDO (PUB009 R08)

PGA Fast Absorb
PGA Fast Absorb (PUB014 R08)
• PGA Fast Absorb (PUB014 R09)
PGA Fast Absorb (PUB014 R10)

Polyglycolic Acid PGA (PUB019 R07)
Polyglycolic Acid PGA (PUB019 R08)

Plain and Chromic Gut
Plain and Chromic Gut (PUB024 R07)
Plain and Chromic Gut (PUB024 R08)

Polypropylene (PUB034 R07)

Nylon Monofilament & Braided (PUB050 R07)

Green Polypropylene
Green Polypropylene (PUB055 R03)

Poly(glycolide-co-caprolactone) PGCL (PUB108 R07)
• Poly(glycolide-co-caprolactone) PGCL (PUB108 R08)

Skin Glue
Skin Glue (PUB120 R04)

PDO Antibacterial
PDO Antibacterial (PUB202 R04)

PGA Antibacterial
PGA Antibacterial (PUB203 R05)
PGA Antibacterial (PUB203 R06)

PGCL Antibacterial
PGCL Antibacterial (PUB204 R05)
• PGCL Antibacterial (PUB204 R06)

Umbilical Tape
Umbilical Tape (PUB363 R01)
Ubmilical Tape (PUB363 R02)